What a Year 2020 is turning out to be....


WOW!  Well, who would have known that 2020 would pan out like this!!  Following a fabulous year in 2019, which saw me finishing the last of the years' commissions on 23rd December; I was back with SO MANY new ideas for cute characters for you...….some, who might not even be bears!!! 

THEN Covid-19 reared it's ugly head; and we have ended up in the middle of a Global Pandemic with Scotland in Lockdown!!  However, despite taking a bit more time out to garden - to keep my head clear through all of this - it hasn't stopped me from creating (although it DOES take longer to get hold of a lot of my supplies)!  Therefore, there will be new characters appearing periodically throughout 2020 as and when they are completed.  I also aim to include some small needle-felted creatures for sale, which will be added to the store later on in the year. 

Unfortunately, it currently looks as if there will be no large events until at least the end of this year - and therefore, I won't be able to meet everyone face to face as I love to do during the Summer & Winter seasons; however I hope to be attending shows again soon; and remember, if you have any special requests, then commissions are always welcomed.  Please do get in touch - I love a challenge. x